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Ravens Owner Boot

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Ravens Owner Boot Empty Ravens Owner Boot

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 16, 2009 11:36 pm

I have booted the Ravens owner after complaints from previous opponents and also a lot of very questionable play against me as well. If he is willing to play like he did against me against someone he knows is the commish then I would hate to see how he has and is willing to play against other owners. I want to emphasize that this in no way correlates to my loss. Had I won the game he also would have received an immediate boot. I have also asked him numerous times to join the website which he hasn't done. This is also why I haven't posted it and waited for an appeal from him. If he is not on the website I don't see anyway an appeal will be possible.
Thanks. (and don't worry this isn't something I would do without previous complaints or against any of the owners in the franchise that are on the board) But his play was FAR from sim, and when I messaged him mid game about it he tried to be a smart ass and play an even less sim game. He is not the type of owner that will be tolerated in our league.

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